Residential Window Tinting Las Vegas

Unlock Style, Comfort, and Safety With Residential Window Tinting in Las Vegas

Are you sick of your glass windows letting in the heat and glare of the sun? Are your energy bills too high? Or maybe you’re concerned about who’s snooping around the privacy of your house. Get professional home window tinting in Las Vegas to address your concerns and make your home more comfortable.

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residential window tinting las Vegas

Why Should You Consider Professional Home Window Tinting in Las Vegas?

We know that window tinting can be extremely beneficial in Las Vegas because the city mostly experiences severe heat waves and a sunny climate.

Safeguard Your Health

We use the best tint in Las Vegas that can block up to 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This helps protect you and your family from potential health risks.

residential window tinting las Vegas

Reduced Energy Bills

Window films in Las Vegas can reflect up to 75% of the sun’s heat and prevent accumulation inside your home. This makes the interior cooler and comfortable – reducing your cooling costs drastically. It can help lower your energy costs in the long run.

Increased Privacy

We employ the best privacy window films that can keep away unwanted eyes from interfering with your home. In addition to keeping your house warm and inviting, window films let in an abundance of natural light…

Improved Security for Your Home

You can improve your home’s safety by tinting your home windows. Invest in shatterproof security window films that are difficult to break into.

Prevent Fading

Your home’s flooring, upholstery, and furniture can all fade due to UV radiation from the sun. Our proficiency in home window tinting in Las Vegas can help reduce fading and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior.

How Window Tinting Works Las Vegas

How Window Tinting Works – An Overview

The quality of your home window film depends on how well it is installed. Our expertise lies in custom home window tinting in Las Vegas, ensuring the film is applied correctly for maximum longevity and performance.
We install the right type of window film based on your unique needs and location. The film is precisely applied only after cleaning the windows from the inside and ensuring there is no dirt or grime. We make sure there are no air bubbles, which may affect the film’s performance over time. Finally, we will smooth it out to achieve the perfect finish.
Our quality workmanship and professionalism ensure long-term performance and a great value for smart film window tinting in Las Vegas.

Residential Window Tinting for High-End UV Protection

Have you noticed that your valuable furniture, flooring, and upholstery are fading due to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays that penetrate your glass windows? UV rays also have potential health implications, such as skin disease or vision problems. Get professional residential window tinting service to block up to 99.9% of UV rays and ensure safety for your home and family.

Residential Window Tinting Las Vegas

Get Professional 3M Home Window Tinting Service at Avalos Tint

Whether you are worried about excessive heat and glare, the privacy of your home, or faded furnishings – we specialize in 3M home window tint in Las Vegas that helps improve the comfort and security of your home. 3M window films are specially designed to reduce the harmful effects of the sun while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Residential Window Tinting Las Vegas

Types of Residential Window Tinting Options We Offer

Avalos Tint has set the standard of excellence in window tinting home service right at your doorstep. We specialize in a wide range of tinting options, such as ceramic coating, decorative window films, solar films, and security window films. Our team also provides Las Vegas auto window tinting services.

Avalos Tint is Experienced, Trusted, and Affordable!

When you choose Avalos Tint, you are choosing peace of mind!! With thousands of square feet of window films installed in Las Vegas, we stand behind our workmanship in installing window films. We ensure fast and professional installation, so you can enjoy a more comfortable home and better privacy. Get professional residential tinting for windows at competitive pricing.

The Benefits of Window Film

Our Window Films offer:

Up to 99 percent ultra violet (UV)light reduction in:

  • Significant Fade Protection for furniture,
    carpet, draperies, wood, etc.
  • Reduced fabric/Textile deterioration

Increased Shatter resistance resultin in:

  • Increased peace of mind
  • Increased safety for family and friends

Stratch Resistant hard coatings wich protect against:

  • Accidental abrasion and product deterioration from
    normal cleaning
  • Hazy appearance typical with plastic-type materials

Solar control window films provide:

Significantly reduce solar heat gain resulting in:

  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced HVAC equipment wear and tear maintenance
  • Increased fade resistance

Glare Reduction , Daytime privacyAttractive accent to home and business windowsLower Energy demands from utilities resulting in:

  • Lower overall energy cost
  • Decrease demand for new power generating facilities.
  • Decreased environmental emissions

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