Keep Your Window Tint Looking Fresh: 5 Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

There’s more to driving in style than just the choice of make and model of your car – it begins even at the little details of your ride that increase comfortability, safety, and efficiency. One such detail that can add enormously to the driving experience is car window tinting.

However, proper maintenance is involved to ensure that your car window tint stays as fresh and functional as possible. Read on to learn more about Nevada and Las Vegas window tinting!

Top 6 Window Tint Maintenance Tips


Car Paint Protection Film Maintenance

#1 Wait Before Cleaning Newly Tinted Windows

One of the most common Window Tint Maintenance Tips for car window tint is to allow the film some time to settle after windows are tinted. This can take several days or a week, depending on weather conditions. At this time, do not roll down the windows or clean them. If the tints are touched or cleaned too soon, they may cause bubbles or other damage.


#2 Gentle Cleaning Solutions

Harsh cleaning solutions might wear your tint down. Mild soap or window tint cleaner should be applied to clean the tinted windows. Add a few drops of dish soap to warm water and gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth or sponge. Never use ammonia-based cleaners that will discolor and break down the film with time.


#3 Be Careful with the Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools are equally important as cleaning solutions. Thus, a soft microfiber cloth or a squeegee with a soft rubber edge cleaner shall be used to clean the windows. Never use paper towels, scrub pads, and even rough sponges, all of which will scratch the tints and shorten their lifetime.


#4 Direct Sunlight and Extreme Temperatures

Even though window tints are manufactured to withstand sunlight, very long and constant exposure to direct sunlight will naturally cause fading or damage. Try parking your car in the shade or using a car cover to shelter it from the sun. Avoid defrosting tools that can create extreme temperature fluctuations and make the tints brittle, which can lead to further cracking being more visible.


#5 Regular Inspections and Prompt Repairs

Check your vehicle based on the maintenance tips for car window tint in a timely fashion and at regular intervals for signs of bubbling, peeling, and scratching. If you get to them quickly, many problems will not advance into larger issues. If you find any damage, attend to it ASAP. Small bubbles may be pushed out with a squeegee in certain instances, but more pressing problems may require professional repair or replacement.


#6 Professional Installation and Maintenance

Professional Window Tinting services in Las Vegas at Avalos Tint use the best materials and know how to apply the tint flawlessly. We will also advise you about maintenance and help rectify the problems that may crop up or know how to handle everyday issues.


Benefits of Car and Residential Window Tinting, Las Vegas


#1 Enhanced Privacy and Security

Residential window tinting in Las Vegas provides privacy by making it hard for unwanted eyes to peer into your car and house. It is especially helpful in urban areas with a high crime rate and when you want to leave valuables in your car for a few minutes.


#2 Protects from Harmful UV Rays

Good window tints block up to 99% of the UV radiation, thus saving you from skin cancer risks besides eliminating the fading and cracking of your car upholstery. That makes the ride very comfortable, especially for people on the road most of the time.


#3 Comfort and Temperature Control

Tints block a lot of solar heat, providing a much cooler car and not allowing air conditioning to be used. This way, you will drive nicer, while fuel efficiency and energy safety will greatly help.


#4 Better Safety and Shatter Resistance

The film of the tint holds broken glass and does not allow it to spread, reducing the danger of injuries caused by flying glass during an accident. This feature of the window film can save lives in case of a collision, and with this safety feature, you and your passengers will be more secure – a feature perfect for cars, as well as commercial window tinting in Las Vegas, NV


Choose Avalos Tint: The Best in the Industry For Your Window Tinting Requirements


Car window tinting is more than just a cool add-on; it’s a practical investment offering many benefits. However, window tint maintenance is not only about the looks but largely about gaining the intended benefits from what you invested in. 


Avalos Tint is renowned in Las Vegas and Nevada for providing the best car window tinting and other detailing services. With our professionally trained and hands-on crew, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest and most satisfactory service.

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