Debunking Common Myths About Car Window Tinting

When we speak about car window tinting, most of us think about stylish and secretive cars cruising on the roads. It is clear that tinted windows add a certain flair to the appearance of your vehicle, but there are other factors. Many myths have arisen concerning the tinting of car windows and their services, which have contributed to confusion and misconceptions.

So let’s set the record straight about some of the most common myths about window tinting!

Unveiling the Truth Behind Window Tinting Myths

Common Myths About Car Window Tinting

1. Myth: Tinted Windows Are Only For Looks 

Reality: Although it can be argued that some people prefer the appearance of having tinted windows, it cannot be denied that there are numerous advantages beyond the cosmetic aspect of the matter. Window tint in Las Vegas is in its best form and can screen out almost all the UV radiation that is detrimental to the skin and fades car interiors. It also assists in preventing the interior of the car from getting too hot as some of the heat is absorbed by the seat, enhancing fuel economy because your air conditioning system does not need to work as hard.

2. Myth: Tinting Windows is Illegal

Reality: This myth has been brought about by the misconception of the laws. It is important to note that laws govern how much darkness one can use in window tinting, but car window tinting in Las Vegas, Nevada or any other state in general is not unlawful. These laws also differ with the state or country and are mainly aimed at achieving visibility for safety purposes. One must make sure to know the laws governing them to avoid violating any legal aspects, but there are many legal strategies that can be adopted that have proven to be very effective.

3. Myth: Tinted Windows are Only For Luxury Cars

Reality: It is possible to tint any car, including basic models as well as luxurious ones. The advantages of window tinting also apply to any type of vehicle, and therefore, it can be concluded that tinting is a valuable investment for anyone who wishes to enhance the comfort of their car and prolong the life of its interior.

4. Myth: Window Tinting is Permanent and Cannot Be Removed

Reality: Window tinting is not considered an alteration since it is not a permanent change. High-quality tint films should be professionally removed from the window without causing any harm. This implies that a car owner can change from one type of tint to another or opt to have the tint removed if the initial choice is no longer preferred or required.

5. Myth: Tinted Windows Make it Impossible to See Outside at Night

Reality: One issue that is typically raised is that of visibility at night. However, the issue is closely related to the quality and the darkness of the tint. Good tints can effectively filter out glare and improve vision during the day and at night. Although having a very dark shade of tint could have its drawback on visibility, one can opt for a lighter shade of high-performance tints that would give the same protection as having tints without posing a threat to the safety of the driver and passengers.

6. Myth: Window Tinting is Expensive

Reality: The cost of window tinting depends on the type of film used and the car, and it is a cheap addition to your car. Taking all the positive effects into account, including UV protection, reduction of heat, great fuel efficiency, and improvement of privacy, the decision to get car window tints can certainly pay off. There are also different variants for different prices and goals.

7. Myth: Tinted Windows Bubble and Peel Over Time

Reality: This might have resulted from poor-quality installations or poor-quality tint films. At Avalos Tint, we use high-quality window films and also have the experience to apply the film to avoid the formation of bubbles, which are annoying and could be a major cause of early window film removal. 

Get Top-Quality and Professional Window Tinting Services at Avalos Tint

Car window tinting is not just a mere aesthetic value as it has various advantages that are not easily seen by the naked eye. By demystifying these window tint myths, one can understand the benefits of having quality tints on car windows; this includes; protection against UV radiation and heat, privacy and security among others. 

If you strictly follow the laws of your state and select a professional company, like Avalos Tint, for Las Vegas, Nevada, then using window tinting is a worthy addition to any car. With a rich experience of 10 years in car window tinting and various other services, our commitment to quality services is unparalleled. Book An Appointment or Contact us on 702-747-8912 for further information today!

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